What are Ombre and Powder Brows?

Powder Brows, Ombre Brows (or Micro shading) is the hottest trend in permanent eyebrow techniques and cosmetic tattooing.  The powder/Ombre technique results in a flawless, freshly applied brow makeup look. Once completed, you will be able to throw away your brow pencils forever!  It provides great depth and definition to the brows, enhances the beauty of the eyes and provides a beautiful frame for your face. 

This permanent brow solution provides thin, and sparse-browed people a natural-looking, long-lasting, filled-in feature that would eliminate the need for them to be drawn on each and every morning. This look can be natural and subtle or bold and striking or even somewhere in between, we can’t wait to help you find your sweet spot. 

Powder brows also last longer than microblading, and like microblading it is a two-appointment process but instead of lasting 1-2 years it lasts 2-3 years or longer.  Sandy (our ombre powder brow artist) works conservatively during the initial procedure (first appointment) and can adjust the look to a thicker, bolder brow for the touch up appointment if desired.

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What are the Benefits of Microshading?

Micro shading is the best way to make your brows look thicker and fuller, especially if you want a fine powdery look.  If you struggle to apply traditional makeup and want to save time drawing on your eyebrows every morning, powder brows may be the answer you have been looking for.  Powder brows are less harsh and traumatic to the skin than microblading and unlike microblading is suitable for all skin types and objectives. 

Micro shading is also highly customizable, client requests range from dramatic and dark to soft and delicate and we are more than happy to meet those requirements.  Imagine no more smudging, no more uneven brows, no more bare forehead and no more constant checking in the mirror. 

If saving time and feeling confident are top priorities for you, you’ll understand why we think getting Ombre powder brows done at LaNiya’a Image Permanent Makeup can be a life-changing experience.

What is the difference between Microblading and Ombré Microshading?

The largest difference between the two eyebrow techniques is the way the pigment is deposited into the skin.  Contrary to microblading, which uses a hand tool to carve thin cuts into the epidermis, the powder brow technique is accomplished by utilizing a small pen-like machine which deposits tiny dots of pigment into the skin that results in a beautiful airbrushed look. 

We apply a pointillism or stippling method which is gentle on the skin and less invasive than microblading which can sometimes cause scarring.  Our clients are loving our Ombre/powder brow procedure because there is minimal discomfort, the results last longer and it still looks natural.  

Ombre Eyebrows FAQS

Does the Ombre Technique Hurt?

The Ombre powder brow procedure is minimally invasive and usually painless and many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how little discomfort they actually experience especially in comparison to microblading.  Some have described the sensation as an electric toothbrush being run over their eyebrows.  Either way, this permanent makeup treatment is always accompanied with skilled numbing techniques and premium quality anesthetics and is much less bothersome than a traditional tattoo.

How Much does Ombre Powder Brows Cost?

As with any beauty procedure, the cost can vary widely, it can depend on where you get your shading done, and which professional you go to. That said, this eyebrow shading method costs anywhere between $200 and $1500 on average.  LaNiya’a Image we like to keep our prices fair and charge $500 for the first session and $125 for the touch up or perfecting session 4-8 weeks later.

How long do Powder Brows Last?

Depending on skin type, lifestyle and age they might last anywhere from 1 to 3 years or more.  Other factors that affect how long permanent makeup lasts include medications, metabolism, sweating (aka gym time), hormones, immune system, sun exposure, tobacco use and skin care products.  At LaNiya’a Image it is important to us to maintain the integrity of our clients skin and that is why we do not mandate yearly touch ups. We trust our clients to determine when they need a touch up so that their skin is not overworked. 

Do tattooed eyebrows in look natural?

That is what each cosmetic tattoo is aiming for, to enhance your appearance in the most natural way possible.  Before we even begin to design your new eyebrows we measure your face so that we can accentuate the best aspects of your features by highlighting them.  Whether you opt for eyebrow microblading or powder, the goal of tattooing is to enhance your natural brows to complement your facial structure.  A better brow shape can give you an instant face lift and increase face symmetry, which will always make you look more attractive.

Which technique is right for you?

The beauty of micro shading or the Ombre/powder method is that it works superbly well on all skin types.  If you have less than perfect skin, oily skin, large pores or aging skin you can still have beautiful eyebrows. For those of us that don’t have much in terms of natural brows, the Ombre/powder brow micro shading technique is definitely the preferred route to take.  In some cases we can do what is known as a combo brow, a combo brow as the name suggests is a combination of micro shading and microblading, we apply the powder/Ombre technique to the body of the eyebrow and add a few hair strokes to the bulb (front) of the eyebrow.  The best way to determine the ideal technique for you is to reach out to us at LaNiya’a Image and allow us to help guide you through the process.

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